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Tuesday, April 3


I just went to the NYU website. And read the congratulations thing for all of the people who had been accepted. And looked for a special message for the select few applicants who were accidentally rejected because of a stupid intern who wanted to have fun with April Fools.

Needless to say, the message wasn't there. But I feel like a total dweeb now. And like a creepy ex-girlfriend who just wall-to-wall'd the messages between her old boyfriend and his new girl.

Haha. That comparison fits too well to actually be funny; but I will laugh anyway.

Oh well. My mom took me pity shopping. That was cool, except I felt guilty afterwards. And it didn't help that much.

FRIENDS. I command that we have a girlz nite as soon as I get home. Thanks. And thanks for all of your awesome, caring voicemails. They make me feel nice. But subtract the pity next time.

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