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Monday, April 9


I just realized how pointless school is now. Honestly, eff it all. I'm going to MSU. All I need is to get at least a 3 on my AP tests, which I can manage. I'm outta here, suckas.

Sitting here, in this pointless class with its pointless reading and pointless impromptus, I'm just like "Whateva."


I was sitting in bed last night, thinking about coming back to this place, and I seriously just did not want to. I don't want to be surrounded by these people. I don't want to be sitting in this desk. I don't want to have to do more busy work in all of these so-called AP classes.

In other news, Lauren brought me my rejection letter from NYU today. Apparently, over 34,000 kids applied this year. Under 4,000 got accepted. So... You know. I'm not alone in this.

Not that it even matters. I'm going to MSU. It's going to be fun. But more importantly, free.

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