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Wednesday, May 23


Little things really do matter a lot. I mean, I try my very best to be the type of person who gets up when someone needs something, who shares food when someone is hungry, who lends money when someone is broke, who just... Helps wherever possible. To me, it's just the easy and right thing to do. If you wanted to me open that door to you because your hands are full, I wouldn't think twice. You wouldn't have to ask. If you wanted me to hold something for you because you were having a hard time doing something, I'd drop what I was doing to hold it. If you weren't feeling well, I'd make you something to eat and watch a movie with you. If you broke up with your significant other, I'd call you and make sure that you were okay. If you were really stressed out about something, I'd draw you a picture to make you laugh. That's just the type of person I am; regardless of who you are.

When it comes to doing little things, I try my very best to just... Do them. I think that's why I take it so personally when someone doesn't do something so small for me. Okay. So my hands are full and we're both walking to the same car, and I ask you to open the car door for me so that I can get in. Saying no in that instance just seems rude to me. When I ask you to hand me something that's a few feet away from you and you say no. That seems rude. I just don't know how to react in those instances, because I don't understand your point of view. I don't understand why you wouldn't do those things for someone, since I would never think twice about doing them for you.

I think that's why the little things bother me so much when they aren't done; and why they make me so happy when they are.


I think we all need to be a little more human and a little less self-involved. Myself included.


It's like that Latin phrase I love: "Serva me. Servabo te." I mean, I'll do it regardless. But reciprocity is always appreciated.


And by the way, "you" is used as a general term. I'm just... Rambling.

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