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Friday, May 4


I'm just really.... Content with life right now. I don't usually have the urge to make lists, because I am entirely too forgetful and unorganized to be a list type of person; but I will attempt to make a list of some of the many reasons that life is awesome. Okay. Here it goes. And remember, I am not trained in the art of list-making, so if an expert lister is reading this right now, try not to judge me. I am just beginning.

Why Life is Pretty Cool
1. It is warm outside
2. I played tennis today
3. My hair is long
4. An ant just crawled up my arm
5. I'm wearing a skirt
6. Dandelions are beautiful
7. I am going to get ice cream tonight
8. I just went to Valueland with Kyle and Neil and it rocked
9. My camera is 4 years old and still works
10. Katherine just called
11. My sister is coming home soon
12. James Brown is amazing (and probably reading this)
13. I have my nose pierced. Still.
14. I just ate homemade pizza
15. I have an awesome family
16. My brother and sister are actually getting along
17. I am going to see Josh play tonight
18. I am going to Grand Haven soon
19. We are almost graduating
20. I might be going to Jamaica in the summer
21. Lauren and I are getting along great
22. My friends are the coolest
23. I don't drink
24. I don't smoke
25. I have no desire to do either of the above
26. I do not rely on other people to feel good about myself
27. My culture is awesome
28. This computer desk wiggles when I type
29. Trees
30. Bermuda is the best thing ever, even if we've all been busy lately
31. Mr. Jewett is bald
32. Some lady found my sunglasses
33. I took pictures that I like yesterday
34. I am alive and well
35. It is never, ever too late

I could go on for a long, long time... But all I'm trying to say is:
"It's so good to be alive in such a hazardous world."

And you should be happy. Because chances are, it is going to be okay.

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