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Saturday, May 12

Free verse.

I'm writing more free verse. It's so odd to see the things that would come out of our heads if only we would let them.


There's confusion written all over her face. She is gazing into the immediate past, the far future and seeing herself flying high above the clouds, dancing with the stars, telling the moon just how fabulous it all is up there. She is smiling at anyone who cares to notice. No one cares to notice.

Why is it that no one cares to notice? Why is it that the sky is so large, so free, and yet, so empty? Why is it that the dreams she had have turned out to be so lonely? Why is it that the life she wanted was as sparkling as this reality, just a little less blue?

I want the sky to fade into the ground. I want the ground to rise up and meet me here. I want to feel the weight of gravity pulling me down, down, down to where you are. I need some satisfaction.

There is a flower blooming within us all. If only we had the courage to let it grow. The colors could consume us, could burn a fire within us, could teach us how to love. How come no one ever loves?

Love. There should be more love in the world. And then the sky would not be so lonely. The stars would not dance such a slow, slow dance. The moon would not whisper all the secrets back at you, knowing that you aren't listening hard enough to hear.

No. If there was more love, the sky would be full of the dreams that you would be dreaming. The whole world, it would be dreaming. And the stars would be marching to the beat of all the wishes you would be making. The whole world, it would be making those wishes just for us. And the moon would be so happy to be hearing all your secrets, and sharing all the secrets of happiness right back to us.

Oh, if there was more love this night would not feel this lonely. It would not be this blue and she would not be dancing all alone in a sky so large, so vacuous, only to be left dreaming without you. How fabulous this life would be. If only the world would care to see, that all that there is left to do is to dream and to be free.

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