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Friday, May 25


So that was anti-climatic. In a way. But everything really went completely full circle. Especially considering who I saw riding his bike past my house as Lauren dropped me off.

Full circle.

The senior breakfast was empty. The senior banquet was crowded. And the lady refused to give me orange soda. But they announced the mock elections, which as fun. People got what they should have gotten. Lindsey got Best Dressed. Laura got Class Smarty Pants. Sarah got Class Appetite. Lauren got Best Hair and Class Dancer. Katherine got Most Marriable (Yeah, we were all shocked too. She doesn't even like to kiss boys and doesn't want to get married/ever cook/have kids.). I got Most Sarcastic and Most Likely to Take Over the World. Kayla got Class Cutie. Josh got Most Outgoing. There were more. I can't remember right now.

I should shower. I'm sorry this blog post was boring. I feel kinda boring right now.

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