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Tuesday, June 19

Free verse.

I am painting the clouds with your name in the spaces between the raindrops. As they are falling, falling into the infinite ground that surrounds our muddy toes, calloused soles, and dripping, dripping fingertips. I will make you a part of me. A part of everything the sky has to offer. Only to watch you fade to blue. Grey. Impossibly bright where you shouldn't be. Where I couldn't be.

And you ask me if it's okay. But how can I say no when nothing can be changed to depict the violet blue of my thoughts. I am painting and painting, but it's coming out like rain clouds. Blotting the horizon with the thunderous roar of loneliness. But you're too busy listening to the drops outside your windowpane to hear the warning of a storm. It's on its way.

Save yourself.

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