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Monday, July 23

That kind.

My blog is set to the wrong timezone. That's a silly predicament. But as long as my mind is still running on the Michigan timezone, so will my blog.

What is it about the sun setting that makes me feel free? It is as if the mountains are burning, glowing. and god is sitting just on the other side of them, lighting them from within just by sitting. And I am on fire. And suddenly I can fly. Suspended in the air above the vast desert, I feel my hair fly behind me. It is long again. And I am free. But I am not flying. I am just suspended. And much like a satellite from Google Earth, or a person in a distant plane, I am staring down. What is it about Earth that makes me want to go back, even as I am surrounded by air, by blue, by beauty? By winged creatures who whirl around me, beckoning me to join them on their flight? What is it about the wretched ground below that is weighing me down, calling me down from my spot in the sky? It could be the safety of gravity as it sinks into my skin. It could be the flush of my cheeks as I realize that I am not alone in this vast field, dancing. It could be the involuntary sigh that escapes my lips with the mere thought of your hand in mine. It could be.

Or it could be the knowledge that up here, I am nothing but a girl in a dress with long hair that desn't actually exist. I am a bird in mid-flight. I am a creature in mid-fall. But down there, amongst everything I have ever known, I am me.

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