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Wednesday, October 17

Drudge Report.

I have good news and bad news.

Good news number one: I took a shower today for the first time since Saturday; and I feel really good/clean.
Bad news number one: While taking said shower, I dropped my nose ring down the drain.

Good news number two: It's my five month anniversary with James. :)
Bad news number two: I'm shrinking, and although he is insistent that we continue dating, I decided that when I get down to 2 inches or so, we'll have to break the relationship off, in fear of death by squishing.

Good news number three: I took my last exam today, and it was surprisingly easy.
Bad news number three: On my way out, I halfway tripped in front of the entire class of 300.

Good news number four: I got a job working for the advertising design section of The State News! :)
Bad news number four: No bad news for this one. I'm super psyched!

And this weekend I see James, David Sedaris, and so many wonderful friends, most of whom I have not seen since July.

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