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Monday, January 28


I'm falling. Not into it but on top of it and I fear that it won't last. Or I won't last. One of us will not survive this plummet into everything I used to be. Everything that was meant to happen. The universe is sinking into itself and you are in the middle. I am in the middle. We are being crushed into each other and it is painful and I am crying. You are crying, too. There is nothing to hold onto except for each other, but maybe that's not the best option. Maybe it's better to fall than to hold on to the hope of something that is never going to happen. Or something that did happen and will not happen again.

The universe is collapsing in on itself and so am I. I am collapsing. You are collapsing. I collapse quietly. You don't make a sound. 

But the universe. It screams loud enough for the both of us.

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