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Wednesday, February 13


I can't stop laughing. I'm delirious. I'm crazy. I'm incredibly stupid.

So. I get home from work half past midnight. I talk on the phone with my mother, with my Baby Cakes, then briefly celebrate Stephanie's birthday. Then, just for good measure, I check the syllabus for WRA 308, a good writing class that I took the liberty to sleep through two days ago.

There's a paper due tomorrow. It's 1:30 in the morning. It's based off of a chapter of a book I never bought, never read, never thought I would need.


Okay, Satpreet. Calm down. Calm down. This happened to you two days ago; except that was a 5 page research paper for a hard ass professor. This is a two page paper for a hippie writing professor who's eternally stuck in the back of a love bus, listening to Hendrix and smokin' some good old green. You can do this. You can do this.

So I use my wonderful google skills to find exactly what was on page 150-155 of this stupid book we're supposed to be reading. I go to extreme measures, which includes, but is not limited to, hacking into a good friend's email (you'll never know if it was you), almost signing up for a porn site (that was a scam I saw right through) and ordering myself a gift card off of amazon.com.

I wish I were exaggerating.

So anyway, I'm struggling; but I finally get the idea that we're discussing sfumato and the ability to see shadow within ourselves.

Alright. I can do this. It's 2:10, and I have a full day tomorrow, starting at 8 and ending past midnight, when I get off of work; but I can do this.

Just for good measure, I go check the syllabus again to make sure I have the requirements right.

I open the syllabus. Scroll down to tomorrow's date and... Turns out when I first looked at the syllabus, I was checking the one that she made prior to the point when we fell behind in class.

Paper isn't due until next week.

Oh, I definitely see the shadow within myself. Thanks, karma gods. 

Good night.

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