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Sunday, March 9


It's all so confusing. I want to do everything, be everywhere, love everyone. I want to experience everything there is to experience, be unafraid, be completely unattached and fly.

But this pressure that I've put on myself is drowning me. It's a stone tied to my ankles, pulling me into the deep wells of the fear I wanted to avoid in the same place.

I am scared. I am so scared of failing, of losing, of having no plan. But maybe I just need to let go. Let everything go and live.

I wish I had met you four years from now. Four years from now and four years ago. I wish I had known you for the past 18 years and will know you for the next 58. I wish.

I wish. I fear. I worry. I care. I think. I think. I think.

I do everything but truly live.

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