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Sunday, March 9


I think we are all well on our way to becoming people we never wanted to become. People we never thought we would become. College was supposed to change us; but is this the change we were looking for?

Where are the endless idealist dreams that decorated our brains and kept us up late at night? Where are the laugh-inducing thoughts and plans that made no sense but kept us going anyway? Where are the careless nights of whispered secrets and half-done crafts that kept us alive?

They have washed away from our grasping hands, like the fist worth of wet sand that always escapes with the tide, despite the fact that you are holding on. Tight. Tight. Tight. They have floated above our heads and danced into space, going to a place where they could twinkle with the stars and watch us from way up there.

But I think we can get them.

We just have to jump, stretch, reach and believe.

Believe in everything we once did. And then we will soar.

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