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Monday, April 28


So maybe I don't go to the cafeteria and know everyone at every table. So maybe I don't stop by other dorm rooms constantly and drop in to say "hello" to people I am acquainted with. So maybe I don't have over 500 people in my Michigan State friends list. So maybe I don't.

But the friends I do have are good friends. Are friends I can rely on. Are friends I can trust. And I have best friends in so many different parts of the country, in the world.

California, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Chicago, East Lansing, Detroit, Albion, New York and India. My good friends reside in all these places. And I am moving and they are moving and we are all moving to different places at different times. But still. We stay together. Because that's just the way hearts work. That's just the way friends work. That's just the way life works.

And that's just it. It works. It all works out.

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