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Tuesday, May 27


Here is a list of things that California has taught me within the past few weeks:

1. C- list celebrities are everywhere, if you're willing to look.
2. The Chicago Chuck E. Cheese of my childhood stomps all over Jon's Incredible Pizza, no matter how over-priced the latter may be.
3. The club scene is definitely not my scene.
4. It is possible for the weather to fluctuate from 108 degrees and sunny to 70 degrees and hailing/flooding within a 24 hour time span.
5. Lake Michigan will always be more cozy than the ocean.
6. Cholos are mean.
7. Life is a lot harder when you can't run to Meijer's to get a gallon of milk for under $4.
8. Californians aren't some foreign breed. They do everything everyone else in this country does, they just spend more money doing it.

I'm sure there are so many other lessons learned, I just can't think of them right now.

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