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Thursday, June 26


It was the night that everything broke. Sitting on a bed that she did not know, under a roof that she did not recognize, surrounded by the people she had lived to love, it broke. And in a way, so did she. She felt it, in the way her head fell into her hands, the way her eyes fogged up as she looked across the room and into the face of a sister that had once been her best friend, the way her body shook as she thought about everything that had passed. It had been two months since she had come home from her first year of college to a new house in a new state on a new side of the country. And instead of fixing all the problems that she had not been able to fix while away, connected to her family only by distant satellites and infinite phone lines, all the problems that she had anticipated on fixing, she had broken. And, as she looked around the room at the figures surrounding her, she knew that she was not alone.

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