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Thursday, September 11

9/11 Assignment.

My initial experience of Sept 11 was one of excitement. I got to watch TV in class (even if it was the boring old news); I got to get out of school early (even if that meant no art class); and i got to sit in the front seat on the way home, which never would have happened on a normal school day.

As an average American 11 year old attending an average American middle school, this was my perception of September 11th. Sure, some building on TV had a plane sticking out of one end; but since teachers were being vague and unresponsive, my classmates and I had come to our own conclusion: Pilot stupidity. Some kids said he had probably fallen asleep, and who could blame him. It was a Tuesday morning and the Broncos had just whooped the Giants in their brand new football palace. The weird girl with the buck teeth kept saying something about the cost of corrective eyewear and the flaws of the health care system, something everyone (of course) ignored. Kelsie McGravie, a chubby blonde with an early dependence on material objects and abusive boyfriends, had just been happy the plane hadn't hit a mall.

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