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Thursday, October 9


You know what? I think you're selfish. Truly selfish. And maybe we should be selfish. Maybe we should look out for ourselves all the time and do what we need to do to be happy.

OR maybe, we should care. Care about the people we surround ourselves with, the people we call, we stop in to say hi to, ask to hang out. Not just like "Hey, I'm on facebook and I thought I would tell you you're sweet!" care; but the "I'm doing something that inconveniences me to make sure that you're okay" care.

But that's just my opinion. And I know who you are now. You're fun enough. Funny enough. All that enough. But you're not my friend. And that's just... Okay with me.

Really. Because I have a best friend. I have a best friend in myself. I have a best friend in my mom. I have two best friends in my little siblings. I have a best friend who introduced me as her best friend to a million different people last night. I have a best friend in my favorite tree on campus. And I have a best friend in a wonderful boy who is coming to see me tomorrow. I have a best friend in a future that is going to be great.

So that's okay. I'm okay. The sun was shining today. It was shining yesterday. It is probably going to shine tomorrow. And that's a reason to smile.

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