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Wednesday, February 18

The artist I long to become.

I wish I had taken this photograph (And that I looked that good with my shirt off). I appreciate, admire and respect the photography of other artists quite often. Rarely do I wish I had taken the photograph. But there's something about this that makes me feel like I'm free falling from the edge of a cloud to the center of the earth. Completely free and yet undoubtedly trapped at the same time.

I see images of my hair pushed back, my arms out. The wind tugging at my body, my clothes, my sense of control. The earth throwing itself at me, filling my vision and ripping the breath out of my lungs.

That reaction is what makes art art. And this a particularly beautiful piece.

Kyle DeBoef (The boy who took, and is in, this photograph): You are beautiful and I am so glad we were friends once. I'm sure that, at the right time, we will be friends again. :)

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