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Wednesday, February 11

I can hear the cars passing by my window.

There's something about warm weather that makes my toes really happy. It is like they are in hibernation, and as soon as the weather goes above 40, they can sense the shift in their environment. So they come out from hiding. Sneak out of shoes and socks; and if I confine them to these places, they urge me to let them out again. As soon as I get home, they start their genuine pleading. So I let them out. I mean, what else am I supposed to do? I let them out, feel the happiness of the cool air on my bare skin and rejoice in the turn of the seasons. I let them out, and I let my stress out, too. Then, I relax.

And that's where you'll find me. Lying in the center of my mattress, breathing steady, eyelids over eyes, and a smile on my face, with my toes sticking out from under my comforter -- happy to be free.

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