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Monday, June 1

I am lost without you.

She was sleeping. Walking through a haze of mazes and narrow hallways, all leading to another empty room with no windows. She thought that she must be sleeping, must be dreaming, and in a minute, she would jolt awake in bed, uncharacteristically comforted by the sound of her alarm going off and a loud bird at the window.

And yet she didn't wake. She kept walking. For hours, it seemed. The hallways kept coming, and so did the rooms. All identical, yet all eliciting a desperate hope that this one would be different. Her feet were tired. Her soles ached. Her eyes started closing, finding comfort in the shelter of her eyelids. She was hungry and sad.

And just as she began to cry, small tears sliding down her face, she was lifted up and carried away. Free.

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