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Thursday, August 27

I am now an Atheist, because there is no way god is this cruel.

What happens if you give three disgustingly cliche "SoCal gurrls" a music studio with an idiot producer, too much money, tacky clothes (so tacky they're cu-yoot!), and as much hairspray and makeup as their poor little hearts desire?

The Millionaires happen.

I have heard a lot of bad music in my day. From crappy local hardcore bands to Nickelback and Thriving Ivory -- I've heard a lot of bad music. But this. This "band" honestly makes me want to... cry. Even if I wasn't a music elitist. Even if I did like bad electronica/rap music and teasing my hair to a height that puts Amy Winehouse to shame, and posing in every picture taken of me with pursed lips and a sideways peace sign (Cause that's bomb, yo), I'm pretty sure I would hate these girls.

Their single seems to be called "Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid." Coming from three 12 year old girls who probably haven't worked a single day in their lives, let alone gotten paid. Oh wait. Do chores and allowances count?

Just shut up and go away. Please.


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