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Sunday, September 13

I should have just majored in engineering.

I am both proud and severely disappointed in myself. I look back at my writing and my photography, and sometimes I am impressed. I think that I could do this. Make a living of this. But other times, I look at everyone else and what they are doing and how far they are and how determined they are, and I know that I am hopeless. Just another girl with a pretty camera who thinks she's good.

Who doesn't think they're a photographer these days?

And I'm not dedicated. I haven't written anything worth rereading in weeks. Maybe months. I saved and saved and worked and worked and finally got a decent camera. But I don't take nearly as many pictures as I should. And when I do, I don't bother going through most of them and I hardly edit them at all. They just sit on my hard drive taking up valuable space.

Oh, Satpreet. You are such a lazy butt. And not very good at your career of choice.

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Katie Johnson said...

Ah, but not a single person in this world can see things from your point of view, can show them to us...but you.

This is why you see some people's work and think ????? Because they don't give two figs what anyone else thinks, THEY love their perspective.

Yours is an important perspective, and I think, unique. Don't pressure yourself with what you should do, just be who you are and grow in that.

I'm a HUGE fan of Georgia O'Keeffe's work. Did you know that sometimes she just sucked at her work and couldn't bring herself to paint for months at a time? Once, about 6 months! Many years she only completed less than a dozen pieces, and some of those she completed in a few days time, and yet she knew that was part of the process. Not every creative mind can be "on" all the time. You'd go mad.

Do what you want to do, not what you should. And if you don't want to be doing it right now, it's because you aren't meant to be "doing" at the moment, but rather, taking life in. Enjoy.