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Sunday, November 22

Proof that facebook makes me a bad person.

Proof that not all people who go to MSU are idiots: Andrew
Proof that not all people who go to Michigan are even close to being competent: An anonymous person I am "friends" with on facebook. A few excerpts from his facebook:

"i love......I miss" Obviously does not comprehend the correct form of the ampersand.

"movie's, writting" In his interests, appropriately right next to each other. I am also interested in things belonging to my movies and writting. In fact, I writted something last night. Would you like to readd the things I wrotte? Let me know.

"Hard rock and Classical: Staind, Staind, Staind" In his musical preferences. Nothing truly grammatically incorrect about this (with the exception of the capitalization of "classical); but it's just horrendous taste. To like Staind once is terrible enough. But three times and to list it publicly? The nerve.

"watching michigan beat perdue" A status update. Nothing shows collegiate superiority like misspelling your rival's name.

The title of his photo album: "My first full scale instilation!!!!"
The description of aforementioned photo album: "My very first Architectural instillation."
The status corresponding with said photo album: "had an amazing instalation"
 Ouch. 0 for 3. He was close with the second one. Unfortunately, that's the wrong kind of instillation.

I could continue. But I'm starting to feel really mean. And also ashamed of the American education system. But duh.

(I might make this private later. I really do feel mean.)

1 comment:

Allye said...

But...aren't dumb people FASCINATING? I just want to know how they tick, sometimes. Well, that, and fix all their grammar. (This sounds horrible, of course, but it is how I feel.)