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Thursday, February 4

Because I've never been one for interviewing stoopid heads.

I was sitting at work today, listening to the Southwest Airlines "you're (still [and I mean still]) on hold music for the 40th consecutive minute, checking my email for the tenth time in as many minutes, and I thought to myself, "Satpreet. What is the best part of working at a paper?" 

I mean, there are numerous perks. I get to print my assignments for free, I get to look at my horoscope before anyone else, I get to get really bored while waiting for the front to come in for an hour and a half, and I get to actually see all the comments that got removed from the website because of censorship issues. I guess one could also say that I sit at the sidelines of the front lines (which is pretty much like being in the front lines without doing any of the dirty [or even undirty] work) of breaking news, I get to be a watchdog of America (which is actually false, because all I do is design ads. The only thing I do that involves watchdoggin' of any kind is waiting for everyone to leave the break room so that I can steal their leftover cookies), etc. But these aren't the things that interest me.

And as I sat there, rechecking my email yet again and looking for something to do, it hit me: I can open up a single folder and, in the span of an hour, read every Pearls Before Swine comic that has been published since August. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

To prove this to you, I leave you with this sentiment:


Edit: In my search for a Pearls Before Swine comic to post to this blog legally, I found a website that lets any common civilian read every Pearls Before Swine comic that has been published since 2006. In color, no less. And to think, that before this moment, I never knew the walls of that house were blue. That's it. I quit.

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine you writing this at work, moving your eyes suspiciously around as you push the "publish" button... (Katherine)