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Monday, February 22

Giving up chocolate makes me demand-y, I guess.

I am craving something sweet, sweet, sweet. But I have given up chocolate (not exactly for Lent, since I don't know what it stands for, don't know what it means, etc; but inspired by Lent, I suppose. Should "Lent" even be capitalized?). And I have two projects due tomorrow, which means no time to bake.

What am I supposed to do?! I already ate two apples today. The grapes I picked up are sour. My cantaloupe was eaten two days ago. I'm sick of Mike & Ikes (which the Pizza Hut delivery guy brought for me, because he's freaking awesome [needless to say, I gave him a 4 dollar tip for a 6 dollar order]). I have nothing, people.

Bring me treats. Immediately.

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