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Sunday, April 4

And then I remembered. I'm getting old.

For a second, I forgot that it was 2010; and I thought that my last post was from the future.

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Kristina Karenina said...

Ahh I'm here with you hun, I swear I'm about to hit 21 in May. Technically I should have already been graduating from McGill Uni, getting married to a Russian macho-man, popping babies and saving up money for my parents' retirement near the Black Sea.

Instead I'm juggling two jobs, in love with a boy who(as do I) doesn't believe in the bureaucratic marriage, hate children still to this day and don't have a penny to my name hahahaha.

Don't stress growing up. Anyone who limits their own potential with standards based on some synthetic society...is someone who's going to have a midlife crisis soon.