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Wednesday, July 7

Every night, I dream of the same underwater scene.

The writing is from my journal, the photo is from last fall. I guess it sounds pretty depressing; but don't be startled. I was feeling melodramatic. Now I just think the two sentences sound nice. But it's true, isn't it? All our lives, we are just searching for something to hold onto, something to make it worth it to get up every morning and make it through the day. And I think this something cannot be someone or something -- it has to come from deep within us. What do you think?


Aleyn Comprendio said...

That is a beautiful quote and the black and white image fits so perfectly well.

I believe that everything's temporary and that people around us come and go. We ought to learn how to be strong and be courageous amidst trials and complexities or else, what will become of us?

Daphne said...

i think, that this is pretty smart and you're absolutely right. ;) Ohh, and I'll pick you up at 10 al right? We're gonna have soooo much fun in kenya. ;) lovely blog. xx

Fashion By He said...

cool blog

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LA said...

Nice quote, great writtings...

Like your blog a lot, my dear


starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...


Bardot in Blue said...

you have such a lovely blog...keep it up :-)

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris