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Friday, July 23

Familiar faces.

This is my 1000th post. I wanted something special to post; and I guess the cover to my first ever photo book is pretty special. Gosh. That sentence sounds so official. But I have to be honest with you: This is a photo book that I did for an independent study class; and it will (probably) never be published (Sorry Allye!). But still. The book documents a weekend I spent with my family when I went home for Spring Break. 

Considering that it's about 20 pages long and is just pictures from the weekend; I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. A big thanks to my professor, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, who had so much faith in me.


Unknown said...

love the pic x

Allye said...

Well, someday you'll publish awesome things. I'll take solace in that knowledge.

rachel said...

wow 1000th post! congrats, and that photo makes a great cover :)

Annushka said...

Wow super!!!)))
cool blog!