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Sunday, October 17

I did not wake up until 12:44 today.

I am surrounded. Four walls. A ceiling. A floor. The floor is carpeted, holding my secrets between the worn threads of its quiet yellow wool. The ceiling is low, capturing the shadows of my lamp, my keyboard in the corner, stained with the dreams that drift out of my head and onto its surface at night. The walls are plain, changing my sense of space as they come closer, move away, breathing in and breathing out. There is one window. It is small and it is senseless, facing the open windows of noisy neighbors, the dirty siding of a building that is just. too. close. The sun does not bother with this window, ignoring its unlit contents, lacking the curiosity to explore its dark depths.

My room is cast in shadow; and I am sleeping in the corner, underneath dirty sheets.


cupcake said...

Are all these photographs your work? They really are something! I like them.

Kim Berens said...

I love the photograph with that tiny tiny part that's in focus! Plus, I totally know what it's of.

As for the words, I think you're a great writer. You could write and illustrate your own book easily and I, for one, would totally buy it. Also, I can't help feeling sad that your room does not meet your satisfaction, but if you'd like, you can always just do your homework or hang out in Beth's and my room. (Even if we're not there!)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

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