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Thursday, June 16

I didn't know I could feel this way.

Dear friends,
This question is not rhetorical:

If you had one week left to live,
how would you spend it?
Where would you spend it?
Who would you spend it with?

If not through comments, please respond through email, messages, phone calls.
(Or surprise visits to my front door)
Thank you.


Anonymous said...


S. Kahlon said...

Don't exactly know how that is relevant, but I appreciate the contribution regardless.

Anonymous said...


S. Kahlon said...

Exploding dog! Dear anonymous, I am not sure if you are same anonymous as before or not (I feel that you must be), but thank you for reintroducing me to exploding dog! I haven't looked at those since high school.

And I forgive you for what you did. We can still be friends.

Marissa Wahl said...

I wouldn't know how to tell everyone, so I would just keep going with my daily life, but would exhaust myself trying to find ways to see everyone I care about one last time. And then at the 11th hour I would cry with my parents and sister.

God this makes me sad just thinking about it.

Kim Berens said...

I'd spend it with my family and best friends and get fat off really good food. And I'd make something to leave behind - don't know yet what. I'd give my diaries to Beth.

I'd write a letter to JK Rowling and try to make it really special - she says she gets the special ones.