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Wednesday, June 1

But for now, I'm going exploring.

I do want to raise my family in Michigan someday. Because I want my kids to know the beauty and vastness of these lakes, the mass of these trees, the smell of a perfectly crisp fall morning, the peacefulness of a fresh snow, the overwhelming hope of the first real day of spring, the breezy heat of a summer evening. I want them to know these things -- but more than that, I want them to know my friends. I want them to be visited by Aunt Katherine and Aunt Laura and Aunt Lindsey and Aunt Allye and Aunt Lauren and Aunt Debra and Aunt Marissa and Aunt Tessa and Aunt Beth and Aunt Kim and Aunt Georgia and Aunt Evelyn. I want them to have these beautiful, amazing and diverse female role models in their lives. I want them to know what independent and successful female figures look like, and how they can be strong but nurturing, stern but loving, successful but grounded.

I want them to know that the foundation to a good life is not only a solid sense of self and a wonderful significant other, but also a broad and stable net of friends who will hold you, so gently, when you are wounded and bruised, and lift you, so high, rejoicing, when you've had a good day.

I want them to know.

1 comment:

Kim Berens said...

Michigan is lucky to have you! And so are all your kids' aunts!