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Monday, June 13

Two birds. One might as well be a worm for all the use he's making of his wings.

Kudos to Katherine for telling me that this song was about me and James about a year ago.
Kudos to me for listening to my heart and denying this, 
But not kudos to my heart for being wrong, wrong, wrong.

"Two birds of a feather,
Say that they're always gonna stay together.

"But one is never going to let go of that wire,
He says that he will,
But he's just a liar."


Anonymous said...

Oddly accurate in hindsight. He should've just told you from the beginning that he never wanted to leave instead of leading you on.


Satpreet Kahlon said...
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S. Kahlon said...

To be fair, I'm not sure he knew he was leading me on. I think he actually believed that he could do it, that he could leave the nest.

And then it came down to it, and he was like, "Uh... Never mind." Which would have been nice had he realized that three years ago, but whatever. He was never very introspective.