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Wednesday, July 13

I trusted you.

Why do people lie so much? Why do people lie? It hurts. It hurts, and I trusted him. I trusted him so deeply. With everything. 

For four years, he lied. To my face. When I asked him point blank. And then for two years, he betrayed me. I've been lied to my whole life. Betrayed by so many male figures in my life who I trusted. And this person, this person who I thought was different, who I looked at, breath bated, marveling at his beauty and kindness, this person turned out to be just like the others. In a less extreme way, yes. But the principal is the same: No self control. No matter how much it hurts the people they love, the people who trust them, they cannot control themselves. They cannot control their most basic desire.

God, I don't understand. I don't understand men at all. And I don't care to anymore.

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Allye said...

They are not all like that. I promise. (I'm sure it's not just men who are hard to understand, but people. That's my experience, at least. People are confusing and strange and beautiful and awful.)

I am sorry you have been hurt. But you are the bigger person; you are loved for that.

Call me some day and tell me stories about your life.