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Friday, August 26

Or I'll come and find you.

I want to put up pictures, but I forgot my camera in Chicago. I want to scan prints, but I left them in Detroit. I want to update my iPod, but it is in Asheville. I want to say something meaningful, but I'm pretty sure I left my heart in Penland. So instead I give you this, which is something I made before I went to Penland, but something that still resonates deeply within my being. Because I am looking for something, something, something. I'm not sure what, but it might be myself. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm searching, desperately, for myself.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to come and find me during your road trip. You know where I am, and I miss you.

S. Kahlon said...

(Just to clarify, the above poster is not James Brown)