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Friday, September 9

I've come so far from where I've been.

Look. There are no "right" answers. There are no "right" jobs or "right" cities or "right" significant others. There are a million good ones and just as many crappy ones. What I've taken away from this summer (which is a lot, by the way), is we're all heading somewhere. It's impossible to know where, it's impossible to know when we'll get "there." So you can either sit in your room, twiddle your thumbs and hope that your next choice is the "right" one, or you can step outside your door and just, I don't know, do something. 

And trust me. Once you start making decisions, you'll realize that the process isn't as scary as it is cracked up to be. And with this knowledge, you can stop letting fear dictate your life and start letting your happiness and experiences and the multitude of beauty in the world start dictating it.

(I realize this isn't well-written. Stream of consciousness while drugged up on antibodies)

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