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Monday, January 16

Everyone is sleeping.

The streets were empty. She could hear her shoes clicking softly against the pavement, and she spun slowly, arms out straight. 

"Why are you so happy?" He asked, hands in his pockets, walking beside her.

She looked at him and noted that he looked pretty happy himself. "The city is ours."

He laughed. "Maybe. But it's only because no one else is crazy enough to wander around on a freezing January night."

Looking at him sideways, she narrowed her eyes a little. "You people are so soft."

"Soft?" Clearly offended.

"It is almost 50 degrees outside. I am wearing cute shoes, a light coat, and a dress. And I am perfectly content."

"You and your midwestern smugness. Just wait until summer. Then I'll get you."

She paused and thought about this reference to the future. Summer. That was four months away. Summer. Where would she be?

Concerned, and unable to deal with this concern on such a beautiful night, she pushed the thought out of her mind and smiled at the boy beside her vaguely. Thought about touching his hair and settled for looking at it for a little while. Thought about touching his lips and settled for looking at those as well. Then felt slightly creepy and looked away quickly.

And just in time. He turned to her, his cheeks red from the cold, eyes wide and expressive.

"Where are we going, exactly?"

At this question, she smiled wide and lifted her eyebrows mischievously. "Ice cream."

And she laughed loudly as he groaned, her voice echoing against the high concrete buildings that surrounded them, filling the night air with the sound of her joy.

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