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Saturday, January 7

"I'm sure you know that I'm leaving."

I was getting ready to mail something to Manifest. A little piece of writing for their annual drawing exhibit, and in doing so, I was looking through old emails. I came across a cluster of emails from you. To you. They were from a few years ago, and they were beautiful.

God, we were so young and beautiful. I loved you, bud. And you loved me. And no matter what has happened since, it happened. It happened, that glorious love. And I'm happy to have been a part of it. Because it was a pretty good time. I just wish I could let you know. That I'm glad. I'm glad we were such good friends, you and I.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! You are so full of wisdom. Don't scoff Satty! You know it is the truth.

I love you. Sarah

Anonymous said...

^^^ I second what Sarah said! I know that when we talked on the phone today you were feeling kinda sad, but you really are so wise. I didn't have this kind of perspective until like two years after me and my ex broke up. By then I had mostly thrown away all of the good emails and letters.

Ahh youth and regret.