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Sunday, January 29

Sums it up.

I asked hip, cool Core Fellow at Penland School of Crafts, Rachel Mauser, to write me a recommendation letter to go to Penland this summer. Never have I read a more honest and simultaneously complimentary letter. I cried. Here it is:

Dear Penland School of Crafts Administrative Staff,

I am writing to you in order to highly recommend Satpreet Kashmir Colon for a work study position for the entire summer. In fact, I recommend that you pay her exuberant amounts of money because she is really just that good. I can assure you, this will be the best decision of your lives.

Satpreet spent the first 18 years of her life living in India, and therefore will bring a new cultural perspective to the Penland School. She is pretty much as Indian as they come. Although it is sometimes hard to understand her broken English, Satpreet, who often goes by her middle name Kashmir (because of her Indian pride) is fluent in sign language, and therefore few language barriers are present.

Satpreet spent a session last summer as a work study student, and excelled in her position as 'set-up'. It was widely known that no one, including 93 year-old Charles, could do a better job. Satpreet was also voted one of the most popular students at Penland School of Crafts 24 days in a row, by fellow classmate, Gee. She has a dynamic personality, and has the ability to suppress her mean, mischievous nature, and act like a perfectly innocent angel whenever she desires. Please, do not ask fellow classmate, Amanda Hart about whether or not she would recommend Satpreet for this position because chances are, she would just grumble, scowl, and then ignore you for the better part of the day. Satpreet's other Penland achievements include being voted, 'most likely to be caught staring out the window during a demonstration.' She also took home the prize for 'least use of a letterpress, while enrolled in a Letterpress workshop.'

It is also worth noting, Satpreet's general good character. I have personally always admired her ability to produce regular bowel movements, even during travel. She is proficient in hip gyration, even at high altitudes, and she is extremely skilled at sleeping in cars. Satpreet is an adventurous girl, and is always willing to go out and have a good time, even if that means dancing to dubstep while entirely too sober.

Clearly, Satpreet Kashmir Colon is a great candidate for a work study position and all scholarships (simultaneously) at Penland School of Crafts. She will work hard when it is convenient for her, and has a great attitude occasionally.

Thank you for your consideration,
Rachel Mauser

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