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Sunday, February 5

Let's hear it for reality.

Why do I always find the guys who say things like:
"Oh my gosh, you're just perfect."
"You're the coolest person I've ever met."
"There isn't a single thing I would change about you."
"I don't think I would ever get annoyed of you."

For Pete's sake, just shut up. Can we get into a relationship with the understanding that we're both human beings? I'm temperamental and particular and moody. There's no mystique. There's no perfection. You're sweet, really, but you're deluded, and it's not reassuring.

Because you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. All that stuff. It's flattering, but it's not real. It's not going to last. Because, believe it or not, someday you are going to get annoyed of me. Someday you are going to find something that you can't really stand. Someday, you're going to think, "God, I really wish you wouldn't do that."And that's okay. It's okay to see someone clearly and without a lavender scented cloud of romantic comedy haze surrounding them.

In fact, it is more than okay. It is preferred.

For once, for once, I would like to hear someone say:
"Hey Satpreet. You're kind of a bitch. You're kind of a bitch, and you look really ugly from certain angles, and you're an emotional wreck. But you know what? I'm still into you. Let's try this out."

Because that, my friends, is real life. It is candid, honest, and real. And there's something plainly romantic about it.


Anonymous said...

youre amazing. this is so true and i never thought about it before.

in my last relationship i saw the guy as perfect and when i realized he wasn't it was pretty devastating. i guess he was just human. youre a pretty great human btw.


Anonymous said...

You look really ugly from certain angles.


Satpreet Kahlon said...

Oh Josh, darling. Thank you. I was kind of having a mediocre night, but what a beautiful comment to come home to.

I love you.