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Thursday, August 23

Flights, flights, flights.

Upon doing some deep reflection, I've realized that most of my reasons for leaving Penland are food and art related. A few of them are as follows:
  • In-n-Out 
  • Yogurtland
  • Little Ceasar's breadsticks
  • Making my own meals
  • Eating breakfast whenever I 'effin want
  • Eating every meal whenever I 'effin want
  • Baking
  • A kitchen
  • Bigger salad bowls
  • Having a studio space
  • Studio space
  • Studio space
  • Being able to access all of my art supplies
  • My car
  • Boyz
  • Time to start makin' money again
  • My brother

I'm pretty happy with my what this reveals about my priorities.

1 comment:

Beth Berens said...

You forgot Yogurtland a couple more times. ;P