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Tuesday, October 23

Golden Coast

So it's a marvel how quickly things change, and how so many opportunities float so easily before us and, somehow, we are drawn to one over all the others and, just like that, we have altered, at least for a little while, the course of our lives.

Here I am. In a new bed in a new home in a new town with a new job and a new opportunity to create a new routine. Again. And here are some of my goals, as I do begin to establish my routine:
  1. Dip my toes into the ocean at least 4 times a week
  2. See Kay at least twice a week
  3. Play spikeball (or the equivalent) once a week
  4. Go to the library once a week
  5. Read a new book twice a month
  6. Write letters for three hours a week
  7. Call my mother often
  8. Spend at least one night a week hanging with Dan & Karen
  9. Make an awesome dinner with Kay twice a month
  10. Go to the Farmer's Market with Pete at least once a month
  11. Spend at least fifteen minutes every day petting Jack, Ethyl and Tazo (I would say Kimba, but let's be honest. I'm scared of her)
  12. Visit home once a month
  13. Make a new friend every week (Or invest time in a friend I haven't spent time with in awhile)
  14.  Go hiking twice a month (Shameful, I know. Shut up, guys.)
  15. Work on art for at least an hour a day (Also shameful, I know. Shut up again)
  16. Do something that scares me once a week
  17. Do something completely different twice a month
  18. Eat ice cream once a week (Or Yogurtland. That totally counts)
I'm going to stop there before the list gets too long and I start feeling overwhelmed. But it's a good sort of overwhelming, isn't it? I mean, all of those things are great things. Great things that I have chosen for myself in a life that I have chosen for myself. And I am constantly reminded of how blessed and how loved I am. And how lucky I am to be loved by so many kind and generous people. I can't even wrap my mind around it. I really can't.

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