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Thursday, November 29

Makin' me blush.

"I think you have an amazing eye for typography (im a sucker for scripty typefaces) and of course your photography talent. You have no idea how many times your name was brought up in photo classes after you graduated because of the content and little perfections you put into each shot, especially in your 4x5 work. You really set a benchmark for the rest of us. I would love to have a logo or business card designed by you if you'd like to work out an exchange of some sort?"

-An excerpt from a very nice message I got from an old classmate. The cherry on top of this complimentary sundae? I happen to admire his work a great deal.

Can I get this inscribed on a plaque and wear it around my neck, or would that be annoying?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That would definitely be annoying. I would hang out with you anyway.