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Sunday, December 16


"So, Gee. You're saying you would not play Jumanji if given the chance?"

"What? No! That was the scariest movie from my childhood."

"Yeah, but also the most awesome, right?"

"No! Satpreet. How can you be taking Jumanji so lightly? He was stuck in the jungle for 40 years!"

"And came out having learned some very valuable skills. Not to mention a great story."

"40 years. No way. You're not giving the game enough credit for its destructive powers."

"Mmm... Gee, I totally recognize that it has risks and could very well end in death, but man--"

"NO! I would rather be a child stuck in Jurassic Park than play Jumanji."

"Well, duh. Me too. That wins hands down."

"Yeah, but Satpreet, you would rather be in Jurassic Park because you think it would be more awesome. I would rather be there because it would be safer. There's a difference."

I can't think of a better way that I could have spent my Sunday evening.

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