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Friday, February 1

High five, world.

Today, while sitting in class, I kept catching myself grinning broadly for no particular reason. Then, on the short drive home, I took a moment to reflect on my life and realized how truly, wonderfully blessed I am. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. I am currently wearing a sterling silver band ring that I made myself!
  2. It is 72 degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny out.
  3. I am going to make new friends tonight, first at a work meeting, then at a Happy Hour
  4. I have a studio space in a nice place with a nice studio mate
  5. I live in a beautiful home in a beautiful town in a beautiful state in a beautiful country
  6. The beautiful home belongs to two very special people and their two dogs and two kitties, all of whom I love dearly
  7. Running is a privilege, and it is one that I try to take advantage of at least 3 times a week
  8. I have a job that I genuinely enjoy. Not only does it allow me to learn and grow while paying me well, it also gives me the opportunity to do something that has a real and positive impact on the lives of others.
  9. My planner is almost done !!!
  10. My little sister is alive and well
  11. My older sister is getting better, better, better every day
  12. The Walking Dead is coming back on next week
  13. I get to see Jennifer Lawrence with a very nice boy tomorrow night
  14. I went from having one broken pair of awesome sunglasses (useless), to having two pairs of mostly awesome sunglasses (yeaah!)
  15. My big booty jeans
  16. I have a second interview at a cool design firm on Monday (fingers crossed)
  17. I will hopefully have a sweet website (or the start of one) up by then
  18. I am taking a metalsmithing class
  19. Kay comes back from Guatemala this weekend!
  20. I just took a shower and feel super clean/awesome
  21. (At least) Bimonthly dinners with Candance, Brooke, Jenna, Brenna, and Leeza
  22. Kay & Pete in general
  23. Postcards from the Calligraphy Club gracing my mailbox all this week
  24. Earlier today, I could hear the kids at the elementary school at the bottom of the hill say a really long, held out "Yaaayyyyy!" simultaneously for like 10 seconds, and it was amazing.
  25. Iris coming to visit in 44 days
  26. Did I mention I have a studio space now?
  27. Pizza
  28. And of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning the fact that I most unexpectedly (and a little bit bewilderingly) found a most awesome partner-in-crime and friend and person I like to kiss as much as I like to talk to. 
So that's that, I guess. There are many more that are escaping my happy, slightly sleepy brain right now, but god. Life is good, the sky is blue, and I am so happy to be alive.

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