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Thursday, April 19


I have been eradicated
I have been removed
From the damp soil
The earthen ground.
I have been welcomed,
I have been born
Into a world of light,
A world of life.

It was a peaceful slumber
I used to know.
Eyes closed,
Breathing steady
Energy pulsating through my body--
Waiting, waiting, waiting
And then:

The sensation of
Warm hands
A firm grip
Using a steely shovel to
Rip open the earth that surrounded me
Tear apart the darkness that had become my womb.

The sensation of
Warm hands
A firm grip
Pulling, pulling me
From the deep soil,
The earthen ground.
Filling, filling me
With endless light,
Endless life.

And then the sensation of
Warm hands
A firm grip
Holding on tight
And a whisper:
"Don't forget to breath."
I blink once
Your light is blinding.

I have been eradicated,
I have been removed--
I am looking down
Feeble, afraid.
"Maybe it is too early.
Maybe it is too late."
"No. Look up, look up.
This is home."


200th post.

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