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Thursday, April 19


You ever get the feeling that
this wasn't meant to be?

I close my right eye.
I close my left eye.
He shifts.
Whether in my field of vision
Or in actual time and space,
I'm not sure.
I turn my head away slightly
And then repeat.
This time, he disappears completely.
"What are you doing?"
I blink.
Both eyes at the same time
In order to appear more sane.
"I'm just--There was something in my eye."
He is skeptical.
Even I am skeptical.
Of why I am here
Of why he is here
Of the reasons that we are still together.
(If that's what this is called
--being 'together')
I blink.
Longer this time.
It is a relief not to be looking at him.
It is a relief to pretend he doesn't exist.
That he did disappear
This time, in time and space.
(It's more permanent)
"Stop it."
Eyes open.
Picture of innocence.
"Stop what?"
"Shutting me out."
I am good at blinking.
I am good at going numb.
Now I just need to work on being subtle.

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