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Tuesday, June 17


It's a fact most everyone faces a few times in a lifetime. There are some people that we meet throughout our lives, that, although seemingly genuine and kind at first, are, in reality, nothing close to the person we once thought they were. We may spend time with these people, laugh with these people, even cry with these people; but a few months, or years, down the road, we realize the truth: When push comes to shove, as they say, and true faces are revealed, these people become figures that are suddenly unrecognizable. I went through this. I faced this. After all, it is just a normal step in the classic coming-of-age story. And I realized, this morning, when I awoke at 5 am to the voice of my best friend over the phone and the sight of a a pink sun coming over the mountains, that I have discarded these people as if they were someone else's leftovers in the weekly refrigerator clean-out at The State News.

And although at times, I do think about one or two of these people, and miss the little things they added to my life, I know that I am happier, more fulfilled, more me this way.

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