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Monday, June 16


Even in that moment, the past haunted them. It hung on the walls, behind crooked pictures full of broad smiles, reminiscent of another time. It sat between them on the couch, its sagging cushions hiding dozens of sought after pens, coins and popcorn kernels. It lay before them in the settled dust of the faded rug, oriental swirls and maroon colors disguising years worth of clumsy children and drunken relatives.

They laughed, all of them, together. Hysterically, facing the television, each other, the floor, the ceiling. The smallest of children got up and danced, inspired by nothing except for the sheer joy f living. They all laughed. A funny man danced on the TV. They all laughed. But when the children sat down and the man took a break while the program went to commercial, there was only silence. Silence that was heavy and thick with the memories that weighed them all down, forced their eyes closed and heads down, arms at their sides.

Together. Together. Together. We'll all go down together.

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