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Sunday, March 29

I'm alright with this and this.

Things to be happy about:
  1. Saw Katherine this weekend
  2. Enjoyed a good band night
  3. Various people at Albion
  4. Saw James on Friday
  5. Got paid and deposited State tax refund check
  6. Am currently eating Cocoa Puffs
  7. State is in the Final Four
  8. My computer is fixed
  9. Apple gave me Leopard for fuh-ree
  10. Emily bought be a signed poster of the Kings of Leon for no reason
  11. Got some good pictures at the State High School Basketball Finals
  12. Had freakin' good chocolate chip pancakes this morning/afternoon
  13. Discussed Weeds with people who appreciate it as much as I do
  14. I didn't lose all my pictures
  15. I get to spend next weekend with James
  16. Other things, too.

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